5 Important AC Maintenance Activities

Many of the failures that occur in air conditioning systems can be avoided if proper preventive maintenance is carried out. Below are some critical air conditioning maintenance activities that you should ask an AC technician to perform.

Crankcase Heater Inspection

A crankcase heater helps to prevent the migration of the refrigerant due to differences in the temperature of the various AC components. A maintenance professional should check the crankcase heater and confirm that it is working properly before you turn on your air conditioner when you need to restart it during winter or summer. The technician can also retrofit this heater in case your AC did not come with one. This will protect the compressor from premature failure.

Condenser Cleaning

It is also important to clean the condenser periodically. Such cleaning rids the unit of any dirt or dust that can cause the head pressure within the unit to rise beyond the appropriate level. High head pressure exerts a heavy load on the system and the condenser can fail before the end of its service life. The technician can assess the contamination risks in your area and can offer advice on how frequently the condenser should be cleaned.

Oil Analysis

The oil in your air conditioning system should also be sampled and analysed. This analysis is necessary to establish whether the oil is still capable of doing its work for the coming season. Degraded oil should be drained and replaced so that adequate lubrication is provided to the system.

Moisture Tests

Air conditioning systems usually have a moisture detector. That device helps you to know whether any moisture is present in the components of the AC system. Moisture can cause ice to form within the parts of the AC. Such ice can trigger component failure. The filter dryers should be replaced or installed in case moisture is present. The cause of that moisture should also be investigated and fixed so that a recurrence is avoided.

Terminal Connections

The electrical connections within the air conditioning system should also be checked during the maintenance session. Any loose connections should be tightened. Those that have pitted should be replaced so that the performance of the system isn't compromised.

Based on the points highlighted, you need the help of a professional to ensure that each component of the air conditioning system is working properly. Ask that technician to tell you which simple maintenance tasks you can perform during the interval between thorough service sessions.